Light Painting

Submitted by Members Mark Karney and Forrest Pearson


Recently four of us went out to try our hand at light painting.  We selected a location that included two tunnels, one stone and one corrugated steel, along the Mississippi River in Mendota Heights, MN.  We tried a variety of lights and techniques in this first attempt.

We learned first of all that light painting is hard work!  It requires repeated attempts at any one technique just to get a reasonably decent shot.  With the longer exposures involved the trial and error in creating a decent image was pretty time consuming.  Also, it helps to have a design idea in mind before you start to move things along.  Finally, the technique of burning steel wool produced the most memorable results.

The huge variety of colored LED’s and other lights available, together with the vast number of ways to use them during the exposure, allows unlimited creative results.

Below are some of the images we captured:

(Click on each image for a larger view)

By Member Mark Karney

By Member Forrest Pearson

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