Cynthia Fleury



Cynthia Fleury

Cynthia Fleury

As a former painter in oils and acrylics my photography reflects much more than capturing a moment of reality. I create my photographs as if I were doing a painting creating painterly looks through various digital and physical techniques. I use the camera as if it were a paintbrush painting beautiful light and shadows conveying my emotional connection to the subject matter and then to the final expression on paper or canvas. I believe photography is an art form that if successful evokes a positive emotional response in the viewer.

Cynthia is influenced by impressionist/post impressionist period artists as well as contemporary photographic artists Jeremy Sutton and Theresa Airey.

Cynthia’s 2014 shows include Viridian Artists, NYC; NAWA Gallery NYC; Arts in Harmony MN; World Photographic Gala Awards Malaga, Spain; Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA; and NYC4PA NYC. Her work has been published in Shutterbug Magazine, Eden Prairie Magazine, Lake Superior Magazine, and numerous fine art books and catalogs throughout the world.

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