Wind Turbines – Iowa

I travel through northern Iowa on I35 several times a year. There are two wind farms visible from the freeway, one around mile marker 208 and the other around mile marker 152. I have been looking for an opportunity to photograph the turbines for a long time and recently the light and timing fell into place. Coming home just around sunset we came to exit 208. This is as rural and remote as it gets, the sign on the exit warns – No Services.

The road at this exit runs straight east-west. The turbines are spread out both east and west of the freeway.  I drove along just a short distance and found that it was easy to get as close as I wanted to the turbines. There was  the opportunity to shoot with the sun at my back or into the sun. This would work equally well at sunrise or sunset. These two shots were taken about 20 minutes and one mile apart.

Submitted by Dynolights Member Forrest Pearson

3 thoughts on “Wind Turbines – Iowa

  1. Very nice images and light is great on both.
    Were turbine blades moving and if so did you have to use fast shutter speed to capture without any blur?

    • The blades were turning but there was a lot of light so I could shoot fast. The blue sky was at 1/250 and the sunset (straight into the sun) was at 1/1600.

      Those blades turn really slow.

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