More Images from the Clarkfield Photo Shoot

Here are a few of my images from the Clarksville, MN photo shoot.  This location is full of wonderful old vintage objects that beg for creative photography.  It was fun trying various creative techniques on the great subject matter there.  The “Other House” mentioned is a house down the street that is falling apart.  It is on the property, but it has no address so it’s “The Other House.”

The Oliver 2255
This image was processed with Antique Plate 2 in Silver Efex Pro 2 with a layer of color painted back in to give it a vintage look and to block out the boring sky behind it.

Motor Parts Still Life
This found still life was processed in Photoshop by decreasing saturation.

Kitchen “Other House”
This HDR image is a view from the window with the camera situated on the sill. Three exposures were combined in Photomatix.

Shed by “Other House”
This image was processed with “Antique Plate 2” in Silver Efex Pro 2  with the center selectively removed to show the light spring leaves on the trees contrasting with the dark shed.  The green farm machinery on the right adds a little balance to the composition.

Vintage Cars in Field
Converted to black and white in Photoshop.  Greens were lightened  to give a somewhat infrared look and a slight diffusion was added to the grassy areas.

Submitted by Member Cynthia Fleury

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