More Images in the Aviation Series

John Ringquist has added two versions of the Boeing Dreamliner to his series of aviation images he has started.


“I was very impressed with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner at the EAA Airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I took some wide angle shots of the front of the plane. This image was cleaned up in Lightroom 3 and then in OnOne software, saturation was increase and a darkened vignette added. This really give the image impact and great contrast between the white and the blue.



“While working in OnOne software with V_1,  I came across a B&W vignette preset which really increased the contrast and the focus. I think this really boosted the impact of the image albeit reducing the true nature of this airplane.”
Submitted by Member John Ringquist



One thought on “More Images in the Aviation Series

  1. Nice picture on both photos, i really like the first one the way the dark and the blue work together, and also would like to say if it is possible to use your image for a personal use…

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