2011 Air Advernture at Oshkosh

If you don’t already know it, there is an annual airshow held in OshKosh, Wisconsin that usually is the biggest one held in the United States.  There are two Dynolights members who attended this year.  The first to report back is John Ringquist who submitted the images below:

The show featured Boeing’s new 787 aircraft that flew into Oshkosh on Friday morning, 7/29. The 787 is called the Dreamliner and is the latest from Boeing. The 787 was wildly received and walkthrough tours began almost immediately which literally had very, very long lines to tour. This particular aircraft was one of six in testing phase. You’ll notice the cord hanging from the tail of the aircraft. This is an unobstructed pitot tube for calibrated air speed. The plane left Oshkosh approximately 6:15 pm.

Submitted by Dynolights Member John Ringquist

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