Changes are Coming…

PFA coming soon

We’ve decided to change our name and website address!

As many know, four of our members have opened the Lens Prose Gallery Studio in Northeast Minneapolis at the Northrup King Building. Since opening, there has been some confusion created by using the name for both ventures, an identity crisis of sorts. While closely connected, the gallery is not a venture of the larger group, although some members have exhibited there. In order to help end confusion, the group decided to rename itself so the gallery group can solely own Lens Prose for it’s use.

In the coming weeks, this site will rollover to it’s new name and domain, . You will still find all of our existing content, plus we’re planning to post even more great articles and images more often.

Same group, same photo-artists… more stuff!  We are excited about the new name. It simply states who we are, what we do and what we create.



Lens Prose Gallery Studio was formed and opened by PFA group members; John A Olson, Cynthia Fleury, Mark Karney and Brian Billadeau. It is located in studio 435 at the Northrup King Building, in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota. Please watch for the launch of their new website in the coming month. Information will be announced on this site as well. ProFotoArts and Lens Prose will continue to be closely connected and promote each other in the art of photography.

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