Photo Shoot in Minneapolis

A few weeks ago four of us decided to go out and shoot early one morning. As luck would have it there was a tremendous fog that morning, something not often present near downtown Minneapolis.

We started shooting at the beach house on Theodore Wirth Beach in Golden Valley. Below are some of our favorite shots from that location:

We then started walking away from the beach and headed over to the nature center and got these two shots:
As the fog lifted we left the area and went a short distance away to an abandoned mill that had just been covered in new graffiti:



After that we decided to have breakfast at Elise’s a well known bar, bowling alley and event center in the heart of “Nordeast” Minneapolis. On the way there we spotted a Santa at the Farmers Market and Larry got this wonderful HDR shot:
Finally, on the way back we hit the new Lowry Avenue bridge to check out locations for future reference. This new bridge is architecturally a beautiful structure, but it is stunning at night when all of the lights are on. We got the following shots of that structure:
The day started out interesting with the fog and just kept getting better, so we ended up shooting for over 7 hours that day.

Submitted by Members Larry Grace, John Olson, Forrest Pearson and Mark Karney

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