Infrared in Bassett, Nebraska

Photography by Brian James Billadeau

During our recent group trip to Bassett, Nebraska, I put my infrared-converted Sony NEX-3 to use. Not having much experience with infrared, it was more of a learning opportunity for me. These are a few early images I’m still experimenting with:


John Olson and I were exploring the area, came up with the idea to search for ghost towns via my iPhone while driving. Found this place nearby in Mills, there were a handful of structures still standing. This one the front actually fell off the front.



This is the Niobrara River, which runs west-east just north of Bassett. I can imagine the Fall colors must be spectacular here during normal years.



We found the area north of the river where there was a large wildfire just weeks earlier. It wasn’t until coming from another direction that we realized just how big this fire was. As dry as it was, new growth had already sprouted.



On our last morning in Bassett, we had the incredible opportunity to ride along on a cattle drive. This is just one capture of many where I blindly stuck the camera out the truck window and clicked away.

Submitted by Member Brian Billadeau

One thought on “Infrared in Bassett, Nebraska

  1. It amazes me what the IR did at the forest fire site. So dramatically reflective of the intensity of the fire.

    The IR seemed to transform the building in the ghost town from something that seemed tragic when you saw it live to one of simple beauty.

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