Sunrise at Summer Camp

Submitted by Member Forrest Pearson
This past June I was the waterfront director for a Boy Scout summer camp.  The camp is located over 200 acres of land on Lake Washburn in Cass County in northern Minnesota.
My job was to make sure that the waterfront was run in accordance with the BSA safety guidelines.  This means that everything had to be supervised.  So when the participants in the fishing merit badge want to get out on the lake at dawn I had  to be there to open up the beach.
I saw this as a good opportunity to get up and shoot sunrises as the guys got ready to go out on the lake fishing.  Of the six days we were there I got up three mornings.  While everyone was out fishing I was able to sit on the beach with my laptop and edit the images.   The fishing was good and the guys always came back with several fish.

One thought on “Sunrise at Summer Camp

  1. You really got that outdoor feeling to your images. It brings back some great memories of my youth. The text was too dark to read, but words were not needed.

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