One of our members recently spent a few weeks in Italy on a photo workshop.  True to form she came back with a huge portfolio of images from the trip.  We will release them over time as Cynthia has the time to release them.  Here are the first ones and her back story:

Recently I traveled to Italy on a Photo Workshop with Barbara Nelson Productions  and Terry Abrams Photography.  These are a few of the images that I took of a Fiat 500 Club Italia outing in Portico di Romagna , a small town of 400 residents.   Portico di Romagna  is in a somewhat remote area in the Emilia Romagna region of Northern Italy close to the Adriatic Sea.  The arrival of 20 plus Fiats was a large event that filled the streets of this tiny town for a few hours on June 10,2012.

My assignment was to shoot an artistically different view of the vehicles.  I am displaying an over view of the Fiats in town and then the images that reflect the assignment.

Fiats from Fiat 500 Club Italia in Portico di Romagna

Curvy Red Interior

Chrome Reflections Portico di Romagna

Photographer Reflections

The Betty Boop Fiat

Fiat Shiny Green Tailpipe Reflections

Blue Fiat Tail Light

Submitted by Member Cynthia Fleury

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