New Years Day Ice Divers

Every year on New Years Day the ALRAC athletic club holds an “Ice Dive” on Lake Minnetonka west of Minneapolis.  They cut a hole in the ice and build a platform for entrants to dive into the freezing water and earn rankings based upon the number of dives they have made.  The temperature in January in Minnesota is always cold.  In past years the temperature has  been below or barely above zero at dive time.

This year the temperature was actually very balmy in the 20’s.  But there was bitterly cold wind coming across the lake that made it seem far colder and much more inhospitable than in previous years.  But no matter what the temperature, the cold conditions and cold water make for some great photo ops.  Below are some images captured by two of our members that document this crazy event.  Winter in Minnesota, not for the weak!

Submitted by Dynolights Members Forrest Pearson and Mark Karney

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