Wind Turbines – Minnesota

Well, I went down to Ames Iowa again and coming home along I35 near sunset I went looking for wind turbines. This time I found a wind farm in Minnesota. It is visible from the intersection of I35 and I90, about 10 miles west of 35 and a mile north of 90 by a little town called Manchester.

I should say that Manchester looks like a great place to do some shooting so I have to back sometime and have a better look around. This time there was not much in the way of cloud cover but the light was wonderful. These photos were taken while standing in the middle of a farm field looking both west and east.

Submitted by Dynolights Member Forrest Pearson

3 thoughts on “Wind Turbines – Minnesota

  1. I love the quality of light on all of them. The texture created by the wind turbines on the top images is intriguing as is the repetition of of the turbines, the trees, and the farmstead in the second image.

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