I haven’t been getting out much to shoot. So first I decided to start shooting the Tulips my wife brought home and let flower in our kitchen. I didn’t have to travel far and it turned out the little flowers provided a lot of material (See prior blog post). Since I still haven’t got out…

Flowers – Just in Time for Spring!

Spring is here seasonally, but certainly not weather-wise. It is still too cold for the first flowers to arrive here in Minnesota. But flower time is just around the corner, and the images below should get you in the mood for spring:      

ST. PAT’S DAY 2013

St. Pat’s day brings visions of  green beer, green costumes, wild revelry and of course, more green beer followed by a really green day after. Three of us went out shooting on St. Pat’s  (well two did I stayed home and tortured my favorite models of the moment, flowers).  The results are below:    …


A group of us went to the car show held last week in Minneapolis. John Ringquist went independently and took a number of shots capturing the multitude of colors present on the automobiles:      

Dunescape Trees

Submitted by Member Steve Shor   Along the northern edge of Indiana and along the Western Michigan coastline are a multitude of sand dunes. Two areas noted for prominent dunes are the Indiana Dunes National Park and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park.  I have visited both of these  national parks numerous times over the past…