Clarkfield, Minnesota

One of the unique features of this farm is that there is a lot of old equipment and cars laying about the property. It was quite a lot of fun to poke about looking for “treasures” and trying to capture some images that showed off his hidden treasures in an artistic way.

Clarkfield, Minnesota

A number of our members traveled out to lovely Clarkfield due West of Minneapolis, Minnesota to a large farm owned by a relative of one of our members.  The farm’s main attraction for photography is a large collection of old Ford automobiles spread out over the property.   But there were also a lot of other…

Aviation Series

Below is an image of a B-17 refueling in the bright sun before they fly more passengers at the Wings of the North Air Expo that are part of my aviation series. Submitted by Member John Ringquist

More Images in the Aviation Series

John Ringquist has added two versions of the Boeing Dreamliner to his series of aviation images he has started.   “I was very impressed with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner at the EAA Airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I took some wide angle shots of the front of the plane. This image was cleaned up in Lightroom…

New Aviation Series

Member John Ringquist is starting a new series of aviation “photo art” .  The idea is to use artistic backgrounds and techniques to separate the traditional photo from all other pure aviation photography.   Rather than soften the image and blur the effects like photo painting usually requires, John is pushing up the color saturation while…