April 2020 Selects

Welcome to a new normal.  Because of the worldwide pandemic and social distancing, our group tried and loved our first video-conference meeting.  The big benefit was we could finally meet with our remote member, Larry Grace in Pheonix.  We were able to each share our desktops, review, critique and play with images plus share many tips and info amongst us.  While the stay-at-home orders are unfortunate (but very necessary), it helped us discover a very useful tool for our group that we look to use even after the crisis passes.

Below are select images from the meeting.  I’ve kept them in order because some are before/after or progressive builds.  Enjoy!

First up was Lars sharing images from his trip to Japan followed by some creative images which he carefully applied several painterly effects.


Next, Cynthia showed wonderful images from her trip to France.  You can almost smell the intoxicating lavender fields!


Next, Larry shared some images he just took of the flowering cacti and native plants that surround his home in Arizona.  He also shared one of his outstanding aviation images.


Michael never disappoints with his keen eye for light and storytelling.  He shared some of his stunning travel street photography images.


John had some fun taking a photo of a ship model then compositing with one of his Lake Superior images to create a hauntingly realistic old tall ship image.  He also stretched the architecture art technique into model images with a very nice effect.


Dan employed security to guard his scotch.  He also discovered that woodpeckers were busy at his northern home.  Plus one more awesome architecture art image.


Mark shared one insanely creative image (image to come, stay tuned)!

And Brian showed 3 before/after images expanding on the architecture art technique, seeing how it works with color and various creative experimenting.

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