Floral Study 2

Using a photo of a red flower as the starting point, I created two abstract versions of the image to be produced on brushed aluminum. Each version consists of many layers taken from the original image. The opacity of each layer has been changed to allow the underlying aluminum to show through to varying degrees. The brushed aluminum creates a reflective surface designed to catch light and create movement when light hits different parts of the image at different angles. Neither image is meant to look like the original flower. Rather, there are only hints of a flower in various parts of each image. I used the brushed aluminum, parts of the original image, and bright color to create a unified abstraction in each image. Floral Study #1 is printed on thin aluminum with no backing support so it is very thin and weighs very little. Floral Study #2 is attached to a honeycomb material to provide stronger support, giving it more depth and weight. I credit the artist David Fenton for helping produce these two images.

© Mark Karney

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