Peter Wong’s New Project

I have been thinking of a project to satisfy my creative side for a while. Getting involved with camera clubs around town, joining a group of like-minded photographers and just going out to shoot like I used to in my college days got me juiced.

My ‘bread and butter’ work is photographing golf courses, naming them “Golfscapes”. Images I have seen, from online websites of photographers I admire and other images from the past were playing in my head like a repeating slideshow. But that elusive project that I can sink my teeth into was just beyond my grasp.

I have always been very active, playing sports, running marathons, and in the past five years I have been trying to get past the “I am a weekend runner” phase. I started doing more than just cardio exercises. Yoga, weight training, pilates, bootcamp training and spinning were some of them. In my mind these exercises seem to slow down the effects of aging, help in combating the effects of chemotherapy from eleven years ago and the mysterious illness I had that stumped even the doctors at the Mayo Clinic.

My daily stop at the gym started a small but yet potential idea. I started referring to the idea as “Healthy Bodies”. I look at the trainers, other members of the gym and realized that they are the people and bodies I want to photograph. Ideas started forming in my head of how to photograph them. The next step is to ask them to be my models, which can be a daunting task. Luckily the trainers are a fun bunch and they agreed.

The first shoot was about 2 hours and it was a blast!! The trainers were very helpful in pointing out the muscles and how to make them “jump” out. It was an exhausting couple of hours but very rewarding. I am now armed with some good images and will approach more people to be part of my project. I think this will be a year long “Bodyscapes” project. Enjoy!!!

Submitted by Dynolights Member Peter Wong

3 thoughts on “Peter Wong’s New Project

  1. These images remind me of when I was in shape. Of wait, that hasn’t occurred yet, but I am working on it!

    I like the images in B & W and the long image of the mans arms stretched out with muscles taunt. I don’t like the last image that cuts the mans head off a bit, but that is just personal taste. Otherwise these are great captures. I can see this project has a lot of potential for more and varied imagery.

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